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About us


Our Story

FARMED is an innovative and dynamic company involved in Parallel Import of Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetic products from Europe, to be distributed on Italian market.


Our Company was established in 2006 by a team of Professionals in the Pharmaceutical distribution, Healthcare sector, Cosmetics and Personal Care field.


FARMED is authorized by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) and receive a Parallel Import license (AIP) for each imported product.


Our Aims

Our Mission is to provide our clients high quality products by taking care of the whole process, starting from the selection of our suppliers until the marketing and promotion of the final product.


Thanks to the access to a network of 5.000 pharmacies (clients) and a growing business throughout pharma and cosmetics distributors, FARMED is building up a consistent market share on Italian market.


The driver of our success is our commitment for the quality, the efficiency, and the reliability as well as the passion our staff spends on daily and innovative projects.




What we do


Parallel Import

We import drugs, medical devices and cosmetics from all around Europe, by monitoring all the supply chain in order to guarantee our Italian clients quality and safety of the imported products.

That’s why we buy just from authorized and certified national wholesalers.


Since its constitution, Farmed established a strong and a long-term collaboration with the most reliable and efficient repackaging companies, which are authorized by Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) and works in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


We distribute our products all around Italy,
offering a professional service
thanks to a team of experts dedicated to Pharmacies.
We satisfy a purchase order in 48h

Marketing Plans

We develop efficient and strategic marketing and communication plans both for imported branded products (co-branding) and for new


According to the European Commission, “The parallel import of a medicinal product involves importing the product into one Member State from another and then distributing it outside the distribution network set up by the manufacturer or his/her authorized distributor”.


This commercial practice is legalized in the Community market in virtue of the principle of the free movement of goods. It was recognized by the European Court of Justice as early as 1976.


Parallel Import brings benefits both to clients (who can buy the same branded products to a lower price) and to National Health Service (by paying a “pay-back” for reimbursed products).

Products that we import from all Europe are branded products with the same formulation, active ingredients, and therapeutic effects of the correspondent branded products already marketed in Italy. 


The Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) releases to Farmed a license for each drug to import from EU, after checking the compliance of the foreign branded product with the relative Italian branded product.


Farmed requires high qualitative standards to repackage the imported products, by using box, labels and leaflets made by companies leader in pharmaceutical sector.


All repackaging activities are performed to make the imported product identical to Italian one.

EU Regulation

Imported Products

Parallel Import
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Are you a Client?

Tel. +39 06/41740 9460   -   Monday / Friday: 9.00-17.30


Are you a Supplier?

Tel.  +39 081 3982798   -   Monday / Friday: 9.00-18.00


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Legal address
Via Cavallerizza a Chiaia, 8
80121, Napoli - Italia

Via Alberto Monni 46

06134, Perugia - Italia

Tel.: +39 075 5921603

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